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"Ina Biechl " - 50x60 - 2014

Many thanks for your beloved invitation! - Very felicitous!
Uschi Nosal

Many felicitous thanks for your invitation, which became really nice!
Elke Polland

My congartulations for your idea and for the graphical implementation and composition of your inviattion. I estimate it extremely well.
Kurt Hieke

I consider the portrait of you inviatation as very self-explanatory, it conveys a vivid impression of your goodselves!
Renate Welsh-Rabady


"Kraft" - 50x100 - 2007

Dynamism and play: play of the colour, play of the light, play of the tendons and muscles!
Only the folded hands rest!
A picture, full of potential energy.


"Kinderlieb & Stubenrein " - 60x60 - 2007

A great play with the colours.
While looking at the dog it starts "to live".
One starts to feel "his being".
Fond of children and house-trained.


"Asrael" - 100x60 - 2004

Here the artist has succeeded splendidly in catching the whole dynamism of the situation. Even the muscle parts testify to the big tension of the expectation..

Flash - Honourary employee with RADIO MARIA
Austria - 23.3.2008

Animal Paintings
"Bärbel" - 50x50 - 2005

We are in a colour drunkenness. I could imagine that you have not experienced this colour intensity on so few running metres of canvas during the last years or decades. It is exciting, it is fascinating.
Gabriela Biechl is a lady with the talent to see below the surface, to catch the soul of the animal. Each of her animals is an individual.

Mag. Dr.Wittigo Keller - Curator of Künstlerhaus Vienna - 27.2.2007


"Pink Panther " - 40x40 - 2006

"Asrael" - 100x60 - 2004

Our new home! Still a lot of success!

Dipl.-Päd. Gaby Sommer - HTL Donaustadt - 9.1.2007

Painting in Acrylic

"Tukan" - 60x80 - 2004

In the photo the toucan does not look so much like the original.
The picture brings a great dynamism to the seminar room – my pleasure is great!!
Mrs. Kador of the picture frames company has a look at your pictures on the Internet and is completely inspired: "This woman has talent!" - I fully agree!

Ina Biechl - communication trainer - 24.6.2006


"Leila" - 60x60 - 2006

You are a genius... nothing else comes to my mind… gorgeous... we are inspired.

Ilse Reiter - Ministery of Life - 13.3.2006



Gabriela Biechl

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