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February 2010
"Gabriela Biechl - Paintress of the Albert Schweitzer Portrait 2010"


October 5th, 2009
"Five Cows in the Meisel-Center" - press release


Up to October 16th, 2009 the exhibition „Trompe l’oeil“ in the Institute Ina Biechl, 1150 Vienna, Meisel-Center, Hütteldorferstraße 81b, Stiege 2, Top 3, can be visited daily – except on Sundays – between 4 and 6 p.m.or against advance notification.

The exhibition opening with paintings of Gabriela Biechl was a great success. The unveiling of the illusion painting – the „Trompe l’oeil“ – was acknowledged with big applause. Amazement pullulated. Suddenly the room – located in the Meisel-Center – had a second terace with an amazing view on a Tyrolean mountain pasture with five cows in morning mist.

The funny story of origination, presented by the artist, offered an interesting insight into the mode of operation in illusion painting.

June 2009


The artwork of
Gabriela Biechl
served as master for a real
Austrian Stamp
edition 1000 pieces

14. 12.2007
"Gabriela Biechl - Nudes in acrylic on canvas" Gallery Thomas Berghuber, 2130 Mistelbach

Gabriela Biechl is a clever and lively Viennese, born in 1971, and a self-taught artist..
She worked with pencil, sanguine and carbon until 2004. She then started to work with acrylic. Her original use of colouring is amazing. Her talent for observation leaves observers astonished with the intensity of her work.

Press report on the occasion of the exhibition in the Gallery Thomas Berghuber, December, 2007

Report of the exhibition opening:


I polarise with great pleasure.

Something is happening! Thomas Berghuber Gallery opened the gates for the first artist. Gabriela Biechl shows colourful paintings of Nudes.


MISTELBACH / Her parents wanted her to learn a useful profession, certainly not an artistic one. She became an X-ray assistant and enjoyed painting in her spare time. She was always fascinated by the human body which due to her profession she sees only in black and white. She loves to paint Nudes in shrill and strong colours. Gabriela Biechl has a natural sense for the essential details of the Motive. Her exhibitions attract much attention and her audiances are enthusastic buyers of her work. Her commissioned works of human and animal portraits form a large part of her work..

The philosophy, to use the gallery as a turntable for communication, is - for the allrounder Thomas Berghuber - most important. Of course the gallery also owns its own work of art, trough which the art enthusiast can saunter for enjoyment and shopping. Art openings serve for breaking the routine and for making art accessible to a broader public. However they should be a place for contacts, talks and pleasures too.


At the opening of the first Vernissage in the M-Passage, wine of the Galeehof was offered by the owner Thomas Berghuber.


Gabriela Biechl

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