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Gabriela Biechl - born 1971 in Vienna
- my parents wanted me to learn something useful
- certainly not an artistic profession
- 86/03 self–taught drawing and painting studies
- preferred media: pencil, sanguine and carbon
- motives: from naturalistic to abstract
- numerous commissioned works: portraits of animals and children
- experimentation with watercolours and oil paints
- in the beginning of 2004 start in the acrylic painting

At the time, when I feared the future and the past was too painful to remember,
I have learned to be in the "Here" and the "Now".
At this safe place I began to find answers.
The social standard of artists is a modest one.
Basically I consider myself to be a channel,
an empty pipe, which creation can flow through.
I try to see with my heart and to feel with my eyes.
I raise no claim to mastery.
I am no academic paintress, I am unspoiled, I am a self-taught artist.
I try to reflect the invisible, therefore my colours I choose may not be to everyones taste.
Art happens.

Gabriela Biechl


I do not follow strict rules.
My most important rule is that there are no rules.
I trust my intuition that the universe supports me,
if I confidently create my art.
Talent is genetic - it counts what one makes of it.
It is important to have courage to try the new,
and humility not to let dry up the spring of creativity.
For the development of an artist it is essential, never to take things for granted.
It is my understanding to have awareness of the changes within my life.

Gabriela Biechl


The new does not emerge from the intellect,
but from the instinct, which originates from internal needs.
The creative mind plays with the objects that he loves.
C. G. Jung

There is no must in the art, because the art is free.
W. Kandinsky


Gabriela Biechl

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